Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Muhammad The Mortician - The Naked Truth


  1. What are we gonna do? Taking about it isn't enough! Time for action! Unite, educate, build! It's time!

  2. I understand the fact that you didn't inform the mother about her son. Because there’s alot of parents technically speaking that don't know who their children are, because they are duplicit. One way in the streets around the "homies" and a totally different way around the parents. So I agree with the fact that it's the parents responsibility to check on their children constantly without judgment. So that way there's an understanding. And if there is something going on, let's come to an understanding on how we can all make that effort to change. Because it starts in the home. Children aren't getting the proper positive reinforcements and attention. Negative attention is better than no attention. So us Black people should start paying full attention to our children. And educate them. Because if not, they are going to lead towards the negative influences in the streets. I know this from experience.